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Test Delivery Survey Report

Test Delivery Survey Report

BSD Certification Group Inc. Announces Publication of Test Delivery Survey Report

Sept 11, 2006 -- BSD Certification Group Inc. Publishes Test Delivery Survey Report

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) published its Test Delivery Survey Report today. This report summarizes the results from a recent survey of potential testing candidates to determine their geographic locations, the price they are willing to pay to take an examination, and their thoughts on various methods for delivering IT certification exams.

From the report`s introduction: "The costs and restrictions imposed by the current test delivery reality have proven problematic to the BSDCG for several reasons...It is obvious that gathering input from the BSD community and potential testing candidates is an important step in determining if the existing solutions are `good enough` and, if they are not, what features should be incorporated into a custom test delivery solution."

Randi Harper, Operations Engineer at Catalis, had this to say about the report: "Although there is clearly a great interest in having a recognized BSD certification exam, one of the greatest challenges will be finding a cost-effective way to deliver the test. Since a majority of the testing candidates will be paying for the exam themselves, the cost of the test will be a major limiting factor in the number of people that take the exam."

The report is available for download from the Group's website.

About the BSD Certification Group Inc.

The BSD Certification Group Inc. is comprised of educators, writers and sysadmins who are well versed in and passionate about BSD systems. The group was formed in January 2005 to create a BSD certification program that is recognized as the industry standard for certifying both the knowledge and the ability to perform administrative tasks on BSD systems. The BSD Certification Group website is at http://#