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BSD Certification Exams Available in Brazil by FreeBSD Brasil LTDA

BSD Certification Exams Available in Brazil by FreeBSD Brasil LTDA

February 10, 2009 - The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) and FreeBSD Brasil LTDA are pleased to announce that Brazil has the first authorized BSD Certification Testing Center.

Starting from February 2009, FreeBSD Brasil LTDA will operate as a BSD Certification Testing Center for Brazil. FreeBSD Brasil LTDA offers local Proctors for the BSDA certification exam in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Exam sessions can be arranged anywhere else in Brazil and Latin America. In this case the nearest proctor will run the exam.

Exams will be offered in 3 different ways:

1 - Individual Pre-Scheduled Exams

Interested candidates who live in or who can travel to Belo Horizonte can use the BSDA registration website to create their BSDCG-ID and pay as usual. When selecting the Exam Location, they will choose:

"FreeBSD Brasil: Phone to Schedule Date and Time (Brazil & Latin America only)"

They can then pre-schedule a mutually agreed upon exam time by telephone. Individual Pre-Scheduled Exams have to be scheduled by telephone, at least 72 hours before the desired date.

2 - IT Conferences and Events

Exams may still be available at Conferences and Events in Brazil. The main targeted yearly events are CONISLI and FISLI, but proctors can be made available to offer the Exam(s) whenever a Conference and Event is interested.

3 - Under Request

If you wish to have an Exam Session in your company, conference or school, or if you have a number of friends interested in taking the Exam, contact FreeBSD Brasil LTDA to discuss all relevant details.

Proctors are also available for countries in Latin America. Contact FreeBSD Brasil LTDA to make the necessary arrangements.

About FreeBSD Brasil LTDA

FreeBSD Brasil LTDA is a company that specializes in FreeBSD Training, Consulting and Support. Since its founding in 2002, it has trained over two thousand professionals, works with some of the biggest companies in Brazil and Government, is run by active community members and FreeBSD commiters, and has a history of having all its employees contributing within the FreeBSD Project. Its founders have been part of the BSDCG effort since its beginning. FreeBSD Brasil also supports the BSDCG by proving infra-structure, like servers and connectivity.

About the BSD Certification Exams in Brazil

More information, in Portuguese, about the BSD Certification Exams in Brazil can be found in the company's web site.

About the BSD Certification Group

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) is a non-profit organization committed to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system administration on BSD based operating systems. The BSDCG works with the BSD and sysadmin communities in order to provide a practical and relevant certification.