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Nominations Open for 3 Board of Directors Positions

Nominations Open for 3 Board of Directors Positions

March 4, 2009 - The BSD Certification Group will be accepting nominations for three Board of Directors positions starting March 4. These positions are for a two year term starting at the end of the election process. Nominees can be anyone from the general BSD community as well as any interested organization or company.

The board of directors will be expanded to five members with Dru Lavigne and Jim Brown continuing their terms until 2010. Responsibilities may include participating in monthly meetings and helping set the direction of the BSD Certification Group.

Nominations may be emailed until April 3, 2009. Please consider carbon copying the person being nominated on the email.

The non-voting chair, Phil Nelson from the NetBSD community, will acknowledge receipt of each nomination and confirm the nominees. The names of the confirmed nominees along with the number of nominations received by each will be published by mid April.

The eligible BSDCG members will hold an internal vote and the public announcement of the new Directors should be announced by mid May, 2009.

For more details, see the BSDCG bylaws.

About the BSD Certification Group

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) is a non-profit organization committed to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system administration on BSD based operating systems. The BSDCG works with the BSD and sysadmin communities in order to provide a practical and relevant certification.