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Meet the BSD Certification Group


The BSDCG (BSD Certification Group) is comprised of educators, writers and sysadmins who are well versed in, and passionate about BSD systems.

The Advisory Board is comprised of a group of respected voices within the Unix community who provide advice and wisdom on specific issues from time to time. Current Advisory Board members include former members of the CSRG at the University of Berkeley, developers, authors, trainers and speakers.

Officers and Members

Dru Lavigne, President

Dru has been teaching networking and routing certifications since 1998; these include MCSE, CNE, CCNA, CCSE, Sco UnixWare, Linux+, Network+, Security+ and A+. She has also designed courses and developed curricula at the post-secondary level in accordance with Ontario`s Ministry of Education standards. She is the author of BSD Hacks, The Best of FreeBSD Basics, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD and maintains the PC-BSD Users Handbook and the FreeNAS Users Guide. She has been a Director with the FreeBSD Foundation since 2009.

Jim Brown, Vice President and Treasurer

Jim has worked in the computer industry with continuous Unix involvement in development or administration since the early 1980s. His experience includes applications, systems and database programming, in a variety of languages. He started out as a NetBSD aficionado in the mid 1990s, but switched to FreeBSD (around 2.x) because of the larger number of ported/packaged applications. He has used OpenBSD as well since 1999.  Currently, he works for Walmart in the Information Systems Division, and is located in Northwest Arkansas, USA.

George Rosamond, Vice President

George has been in technology for over 15 years and holds a SANS GSEC. After being a BSD user for several years, he initiated the New York City *BSD User Group (NYCBUG) in December 2003 which he continues to operate. His firm, Cee Tone Technology, formerly Secure Design & Development Inc., is based in New York City, with a focus on secure data communications. The BSDs, of course, play a central role in the day-to-day operations of his firm and for many of the client base.

Michael Dexter, Director

Michael Dexter has used open systems and software since 1991 and worked professionally as a system administrator, web developer and graphic designer for various small businesses in the film, music and automotive fields. Michael has a background in Hollywood film production and was a member of the MandrakeSoft SA, now Mandriva internal IS Team. His academic specialty is BSD multiplicity/virtualization strategies and he has presented his research in France, Latvia and the USA. He has been involved in active board service since high school and can be spotted at open source events in the USA and around Europe. Michael lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter.

Phil Nelson, Vice Treasurer

Phil started using BSD in the 4.1BSD time frame. He joined the NetBSD project shortly after the 0.8 release to port NetBSD to a new architecture. He has taught UNIX programming and Device Driver writing using NetBSD for many years at Western Washington University. He has used a variety of UNIX-like systems since first learning on 4.1BSD.

Matt Olander, Director

Matt Olander is the Chief Technology Officer at iXsystems, a systems and storage manufacturer and integrator located in San Jose, California. Prior to working at iX, Matt was Director of IT at BSDi, where he developed a fondness for BSD, FreeBSD in particular. In the past, Matt has held several board and advisory seats in a technical capacity for various organizations including the first accredited University in the United States to offer PhDs in counter-terrorism.

Jeremy C. Reed, Director

Jeremy has experience with NetBSD, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD in the capacities of professional consultant, tech support and as a hobbyist. He is a NetBSD developer. He teaches professional classes covering OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD (over 11 classes taught over past few years) and other open source and Unix classes (over 45 classes and workshops taught). He also started and ran BSD Today for two years and currently runs the BSD Newsletter.

Jason Dixon

Jason is the principal consultant for Dixon Group Consulting and a respected member of the BSD communities. He became involved with FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD as a Systems Engineer for Skycache back in 2000. He enjoys working with secure network technologies, which often finds him designing production systems and solutions based on OpenBSD. Jason has presented talks on BSD technologies for conferences such as OSCON, LinuxWorld, and NYCBSDCon.

Hubert Feyrer

Hubert studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg, Germany, and has since specialized in operating systems and system-level applications. Besides giving lectures on Unix/Linux system administration and Open Source, he is a member of The NetBSD Foundation and works on public relations and 3rd party application infrastructure.He also manages IPv6 connectivity at the FH Regensburg, built a cluster of 45 machines for a video rendering cluster during last year`s city marathon and is currently working on a doctoral thesis about a training system for Unix system administrators.

Axel S. Gruner

Axel S. Gruner is the master system administrator responsible for the FreeBSD boxes of a subcompany of a big bank in Stuttgart, Germany. He also works as an Author (freelancer) for the freeX magazine and the Computer und Literaturverlag. As a co-founder of and the famous BSD community, he also spreads the word with his *BSD-News site He has used FreeBSD as his main platform since FreeBSD 3.0. He is the author of the German jail how-to.

Mikel King, Secretary


James Lane

James is a contract software developer in the Seattle, WA, area, working on network protocols, embedded systems, compilers and interpreters, computer game engines and AI, and data mining. He wrote software on VAXen using BSD 4.1 in the early 1980s, and has been using NetBSD and FreeBSD since the late 1990s. His home office currently includes FreeBSD, FreeNAS, and pfSense machines. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Seattle Unix Users Group (SeaSLUG). He has spoken and led workshops at the annual Game Developers Conference, and founded the AI and Scripting Language SIGs of the Seattle chapter of the Independent Game Developers Association.

Dan Langille

Dan has been using FreeBSD since 2.2.x and has used both FreeBSD and NetBSD as mail and web servers and for providing services for third parties. He is the founder of The FreeBSD Diary, FreshPorts , FreshSource, and BSDCan . Dan also writes for OnLamp and contributed a hack for BSD Hacks. He has 20 years of commercial experience in the IT industry and has been creating software for 30 years.

Jean M. Melo

Jean, who has used FreeBSD since version 3.0, is the creator of the FreeBSD FAQ which is the Brazilian reference for FreeBSD. He is also the coordinator for the FreeBSD pt_BR Documentation Project and is the moderator of the biggest FreeBSD mailing list in Brazil. Jean is the creator of the embedded FreeBSD version, called TinyBSD, a maintainer of some FreeBSD ports and organizer of BSDCon Brazil. He works as a consulting and training director at FreeBSD Brasil LTDA, where he implements, trains and advocates FreeBSD all over the country.

Wes Peters

Wes has been using NetBSD since 0.8, FreeBSD since just before 1.0, and OpenBSD since 2.0. In addition to serving on the FreeBSD Core Team, he helped found the Daemon News e-zine. He is currently employed as a professional software engineer and develops information appliances based on FreeBSD. He has worked on other commercial products based on OpenBSD and Linux, and may have an opportunity to add NetBSD to this mix.

David Rhodus

David is a core team member and core developer for the DragonFly BSD project. David also serves as the CTO of Firefly BSD Inc., a company which produces a DragonFly BSD distribution and provides support and customer engineering services.

Eduardo Ribeiro

Eduardo has a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology and a Post-Graduation degree in Security of Information. Expert in security, infra-structure and network, he is a co-founder and Teaching Director of OpenIT, which offers BSD training, IT consulting and commercial support (in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Mac OS X). OpenIT also maintains advocacy initiatives such as scheduled public seminars at universities. He also co-founded MyFreeBSD ,the first daily news site/magazine about BSD and Open Source in Portuguese. He participated in the translation to Brazilian Portuguese of the FreeBSD Handbook was an organizer of the first BSDcon Brazil.

Hiroki Sato

Hiroki joined the FreeBSD Development Team in 2000. He has been working as a member of the Core Team since 2006 and the Release Engineering and Documentation Engineering Teams since 2004. His primary interests include improving network stack, text processing software, and documentation.  He is also actively promoting FreeBSD in Asian countries by hosting BSD-related conferences.  He received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Tokyo University of Science and is an assistant professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Patrick Tracanelli

Patrick has been running Open Source systems since the early 90`s, starting with Slackware Linux and FreeBSD 2.2. He has since advocated FreeBSD systems at a public University and helped organize the first Brazilian FreeBSD Users Meeting. He is an active member on many projects such as the original FreeBSD LiveCD and TinyBSD. He started FreeBSD Brasil LTDA, which offers commercial support, consulting and training programs in FreeBSD. He has helped organize the FreeBSD pt_BR Documentation Project and the first BSDCon Brasil. Patrick graduated in 2003 and now is mastering and teaching Operating Systems principles at a very well known University in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In addition to his FreeBSD enterprise services for mainly government, hosting, and wireless providers, he personally runs both Net and OpenBSD at home.


Advisory Board

Richard Bejtlich

Richard Bejtlich is founder of TaoSecurity, a company that helps clients detect, contain, and remediate intrusions using network security monitoring (NSM) principles. He authored the critically acclaimed Tao of Network Security Monitoring: Beyond Intrusion Detection in 2004 and Extrusion Detection: Security Monitoring for Internal Intrusions in 2005. Richard builds NSM sensors and general purpose servers using FreeBSD and has published articles on keeping the FreeBSD operating system and applications up-to-date. His home page is and his popular Web log resides at


Mike Karels

Michael Karels is a Sr. Principal Engineer leading next-generation operating system work at Secure Computing Corporation. Previously he was responsible for BSD/OS as System Architect and VP Engineering at BSDI, and then as Principal Technologist at Wind River Systems. He spent eight years as the Principal Programmer of the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley as the system architect for the 4.3BSD and 4.4BSD releases of Berkeley UNIX. He is a co-author of the book The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System.


Greg Lehey

Greg Lehey has spent a 30-year international career in Europe, USA and Australia. In the course of his career he has performed most jobs, ranging from kernel development to product management, from systems programming to systems administration, from processing satellite data to programming petrol pumps, from the production of CD-ROMs of ported free software to DSP instruction set design. He has been involved with BSD since 1992, and for many years he was a member of the FreeBSD Core Team and an active developer in the FreeBSD and NetBSD projects. He is the author of Porting UNIX Software and The Complete FreeBSD.

He is also an ex-president of the Australian UNIX User Group.

David Maxwell

David Maxwell is a NetBSD Developer and was a member of the NetBSD Security-Officer team from 2001-2005. He has had the opportunity to enjoy using NetBSD to make life easier for Manufacturers, Distributors, Governments, Cable Companies, ISPs, Semiconductor companies, and end-users. He currently works full time as a Software Designer for Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT)


Marshall Kirk McKusick

Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick writes books and articles, consults, and teaches classes on UNIX- and BSD-related subjects. While at the University of California at Berkeley, he implemented the 4.2BSD fast filesystem, and was the Research Computer Scientist at the Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) overseeing the development and release of 4.3BSD and 4.4BSD. His particular areas of interest are the virtual-memory system and the filesystem. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and did his graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned Masters degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, and a doctorate in Computer Science. He is a past president and present board member of the Usenix Association, and is a member of ACM and IEEE.