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New BSDA Study DVD (Spring / Summer 2016) is out

The BSDCG is happy to announce the release of the latest BSD Associate Study DVD, available immediately from the Store.

The current version of the DVD contains bootable 64bit versions of the following BSD systems:

  • DragonFly BSD 4.4.1
  • FreeBSD 10.2
  • NetBSD 7.0
  • OpenBSD 5.8


All these systems come with documentation and handy reference material for the BSD Associate exam.  The DVD can be ordered in hardcopy (mailed) or can be ordered for download from the BSDCG download site.  Check the delivery options when you order your copy.  Cost is $40.00USD plus shipping and handling.

Click the "Store" link above for additional details.

Enjoy the latest BSD systems all in one handy DVD.