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Group Starts

The BSD Certification Group starts operations.

March 15, 2005 - Group Starts
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BSD Certification Group Takes Initiative
Today, the BSD Certification Group officially announces their website and group focused in the creation of BSD certification. The public website is at  http://#
A number of BSD developers, systems administrators and advocates have come together to begin the first steps in the creation of a standard BSD certification. Today marks the official launch of their public website at  http://#
The BSDs, including FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD, are mature operating systems based on the original Unix developed at University of Berkeley, California. BSD powers global Internet service provider infrastructures, and BSD userland applications are familiar to those running Apple`s OS X operating system. BSD tools like OpenSSH are used to securely access remote systems, and many TCP/IP stacks are derived from BSD.
"While some may feel that a BSD certification would just replicate the problems that other certifications have created, namely lack of experience masked by a piece of paper, the committee is convinced that with the proper preparation and testing criteria, a tiered BSD certification process can demonstrate real-world proficiency as well as provide a goal for those just beginning their systems and network administration career," said Dru Lavigne, networking and Unix instructor and the chair for the group.
The BSD Certification Group looks to bring together the BSD projects, important vendors, educational institutions and beyond to work to make this project a success.
The group invites all who are interested to subscribe to the public BSD certification mailing list at