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Resources for BSD Certification

This page contains white papers and success stories regarding BSD and the benefits of BSD certification. See the Contribute page if you would like to contribute a resource or make a suggestion regarding the type of resource you would like to see become available.


This brochure outlines who we are and what you can do to help. You are encouraged to download the brochure, print it and hand it out to employers, educational institutions and at local install-athons (install parties) and IT events.

The PDF for the brochure is available in several languages. Please select the desired language from the list on the left.


Publication PDFs Conference Slides
Brochures Videos
BSDP Job Task Analysis Report
BSDA Job Task Analysis Report
BSDA Certification Requirements (exam objectives): English / Spanish / Russian
BSDA Command Reference
BSD Usage Survey Report
Test Delivery Survey Report
Importance of Psychometrics
Meet BSD 2005 (Dru Lavigne)
NYBSDCon 2005 (Dru Lavigne)
LinuxTag 2006 (DE) (Axel S. Gruner)
BSDCan 2006 (Dru Lavigne)
UKUUG 2006 (Dru Lavigne)
BSDCan 2007 (Dru Lavigne)
OSCon 2007 (Dru Lavigne)
FOSDEM 2008 (Machtelt Garrels)
Karlsruhe OpenExpo 2008 (Machtelt Garrels)
LinuxTag Berlin 2008 (Machtelt Garrels)
MeetBSD 2008 (Dru Lavigne)
NYCBSDCon 2008 (Ivan Ivanov)
NYCBUG 2009 (Dru Lavigne)
COSECOL 2009 (Dru Lavigne)
MNN 2009 (Dru Lavigne)
BSDCan 2010 (Jim Brown)
Spanish (Mexican)
MeetBSD 2008 (Dru Lavigne)
BSD Certification Group: A Case Study in Open Source Certification (Dru Lavigne)