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Sponsoring, Donating, and Contributing

There are many ways to help out...

How do I donate?

The BSD Certification Group needs your support! Ongoing exam development and maintenance costs are substantial and can only be completed with generous donations from sponsors and many interested individuals. A breakdown of our costs and revenue can be found in the Annual Reports section of the BSDCG page.

Please consider giving generously to support this certification effort.

Thanks for your help!

Click the Donate button to go directly to the PayPal site to make your donation.


Tax Deduction?

On October 9, 2005 the BSD Certification Group Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of New Jersey, USA. An application was made for 501(c)(3) status. The original IRS ruling was for 501(c)(6) status, meaning we can not issue tax deductible donation receipts at this time. Another application for tax deductible status may be made in the future.

Be sure to check with a tax professional regarding your specific situation about donations to the BSD Certification Group.

Thanks for your generous support!

About Sponsorship

Here is a brief document outlining why we are fundraising and some common questions and answers

How else can I contribute?

BSD Certification is a community based organization that coordinates the efforts of several hundred people scattered throughout the globe. We welcome the contributions of those interested in the creation and promotion of BSD certification.

The BSD Certification Group is actively seeking help. If you would like to become involved:

1. Join the BSDcert mailing list. This is a low-volume mailing list which contains updates regarding the BSD Certification Group`s progress as well as an open forum for discussing BSD certification.

2. Check below for areas where you can help. If you find an area you are interested in, click on "Contact Us" which will open up our contact form. Please choose the subject that best describes your interest so your email can be directed to the correct Group member.

Become a Translator:

Interested in seeing the information on this site available in your native language? We also need people interested in translating the certification standard, training materials and testing information into other languages. Leave a message for "translation" on the Contact Us tab if you can help. Be sure to indicate to which language you will be translating.

Contribute a White Paper or Success Story:

Do you have a BSD Success Story or know of a company that benefitted from migrating to BSD or hiring a BSD expert? Send the details to "editor" on the Contact Us tab .

Have you written technical white papers and would like to volunteer your skills? Leave a message for "editor" on the Contact Us tab with a paragraph explaining your experience and the number of hours per month you wish to donate.

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