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Survey Launch

BSDA Job Task Analysis Launched

April 21, 2005 - Survey Launch
Press Release     English    
This press release is available for download as a PDF in the following languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish,

Task Survey Analysis Launch
The BSD Certification Group is pleased to announce the launch of a Task Analysis Survey. This Survey is designed to collect the views of both the BSD community and employers in an effort to determine what kinds of tasks are performed by BSD system administrators in their day-to-day duties. Also of interest is the importance of each of these tasks as well as the level of skill required for each.
The survey will assist the BSD Certification Group in clarifying what material should be covered in the certification curriculum. It is an important first step in the certification process. It is also a way for the BSD community to get directly involved in the certification effort.
This is a very comprehensive survey which will take approximately  one hour  to complete. Due to the length of the survey, it will be available until midnight GMT May 22, 2005 to give everyone a chance to find time to complete the survey. (The English survey has ended.)
We encourage everyone to not only complete the survey themselves, but to also refer others to the survey. If you know any employers or educators who may be interested in BSD certification, please let them know about the survey.
Translations of the survey are nearly complete and should be available within a week. They will be announced as soon as they are available and each translated survey will also be available for a one month period.
Please set aside some time to take the survey in the language of your choice and help make BSD Certification a success. And- you might win a free book! Details are in the Survey.
Sincerely, The BSD Certification Group